US Office


The US Buona Tavola Ricevimenti office is now operating in Dallas, TX thanks to a close cooperation with American professionals of the event industry, and from friends and associates in the US.

Our US office is the answer to the increasing demand from our US customers of having a direct and reliable contact in their country to better access to an easier and more efficient communication on planning their most important events.

Our associate Samuele, native of Tuscany, now residing with his family in Dallas, will take care of our US clients.

Today La Buona Tavola US Office – Dallas, is a reality where the projects for remarkable banquets are conceived and from where these projects take off to be beautifully realized in Tuscany and in the whole country by the staff of La Buona Tavola, joining together a precise American planning approach to the incomparable quality of the Italian art of banqueting.
On a journey to the opposite direction, La Buona Tavola is now also able to promote and export the quality
of the Italian banqueting to satisfy the increasing demand of the US market for top-notch Italian banqueting services that only a real Italian catering company like La Buona Tavola is able to provide.

Our experienced staff made of Italian Chefs, heads of Service and waiters and our matchless food and wines will amaze our US clients bringing to the US something unfindable until now, something that once required crossing the ocean to be found.

Buona Tavola Ricevimenti
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